Interoperability Test Proposal

One of the most challening aspects of router design is ensuring interoperability with routers developed by other manufacters. As a result, interoperability testing is a significant component of this class. Interoperability testing requires an immense amount of coordination and communication.

The goal of this deliverable to develop a concrete interoperability test proposal that you believe is sufficient enough to convince the instructors that all routers are indeed interoperable. This deliverable is to be completed as an entire class. That is, the entire class should submit one document to the instuctors for approval.

Once the instructors approve the proposal, then on the day of the interoperability test, the class will perform the tests listed in the proposal in order to demonstrate interoperability.

The proposal should answer questions such as:

  • What topology(s) will you use for testing?
  • What specific tests do you plan to perform to ensure correct functionality? Ping? Traceroute? Iperf? Netcat? Video Streaming?
  • What specific failure conditions do you plan to test? Broken link? Disabled router? Malicious router? Malicious end-host?

The class should discuss and develop a plan together using whatever discussion platform you prefer: Piazza, Slack, Google Docs, office hours, unused lecture slots, etc.


Please email one document to the instructors for approval.